Our approach

We use the best technologies available. Conveyor-assisted scrubbing combines high-pressure water and foaming brushes to deliver results beyond compare.

We have a capacity of more than 100 vehicles per hour which means that your washing will be done in less than 5 minutes.

Opt for the Club Trident membership card. Your plate number is your pass for unlimited use during business hours.

Stay seated in your vehicle and let us surprise you.

Simple, Fast, Convenient

How it works?

1) Choose your wash

Individually or with a monthly subscription to Club Trident which allows unlimited use

2) Purchase your Wash

After choosing you can buy directly at the kiosks on the car wash site. For unlimited access, your license plate number allows the barrier to be opened.

3) Access to the car wash

After paying, you are free to have your car washed at Neptune lava Auto and enjoy the benefits.

Unbeatable washing capacity: Over 100 cars per hour

Our washing capacity of more than 100 cars per hour allows us to ensure a fast and efficient wash eliminating any possibility of waiting.

Superior technology systems

We use high quality equipment and products to keep your vehicle clean, shiny and dry every time you wash it.

Environmental impact

At Neptune Car Wash, we understand that protecting the environment is important. That's why we use energy-efficient cleaning equipment, high-tech filtration and water recovery systems, and biodegradable cleaning solutions. We want to make sure your car comes out shiny and spotless - without harming the planet.

A dynamic and qualified team

Our employees are there to welcome you and guide you throughout your visit. Stay in your vehicle, we'll take care of washing your car


Espace dédié aux lavages intérieurs

You can park, vacuum and wash the interior of your car yourself if you wish. It's free and accessible to car wash users.

Access management system

We have an easy and efficient access management system for each individual wash or with the purchase of a membership card for unlimited use during opening hours.

  • Automatic recognition of your license plate to open the barrier
  • Contactless payment
  • Service touch screen for selecting the desired package/wash
  • Centralized subscription service