A variety of car wash offers tailored to your needs

Our membership plans are quick and convenient ways to make your car shine. As a member, you'll get all the benefits of washing as often as you want, without a long-term contract.


Signature Wash

69$ Monthly Subscription


  • All the benefits of the Exclusive, Protector and Express washes
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Tire shine

Exclusive Wash

$59 Monthly Subscription


  • Undercarriage rinse
  • Rain-X
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Dryer (120HP)

Protector Wash

$49 Monthly Subscription


  • Triple foam protection formula
  • Sealer wax
  • High pressure rinse

Express Wash


  • Express exterior
  • Tire Scrub
  • Dryers (60HP)
  • Free Vacuums  

Become a member of the Trident Club

Enjoy unlimited use of the car wash during our opening hours.

Signature Package

Highest Value


  • All the advantages of the Exclusive and Protector packages
  • Ceramic Treatment - Shine and Protection
  • Premium shine for tires

Exclusive package


  • All the advantages of the Protector pack
  • High Gloss Foam
  • Under high pressure trolley
  • Rain Repellent
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Dryer+ (120HP)

Protective package


  • Triple foam protection formula
  • High pressure rinse
  • Tire and wheel scrubbing
  • Dryer (60hp)
  • Free Vacuums

A la carte for each package


  • $5.00 -Ceramic Treatment - Shine and Protection
  • $5.00 - Premium Tire Shine

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